About Us

Tim's degree is in Business Administration - Marketing from California State University Fullerton.  He has been working full time in Marketing & Sales for over 18 years since 1997.  So, not only is he professionally degreed in Marketing, but his real world failure & success has been tried, tested & proven in the "real world".  Tim has risen to the top of the 2 largest advertising companies in the US, and has been entrusted with $6 Million of advertising year after year.  Our agency, Got Results Marketing Corp is a Google Partner and as such we speak to Google every week about every account.  Upon request, we can even do conference calls with Google with clients if they have specific questions that they would like to ask our Google rep.  We do a concierge approach with our clients and are fully transparent about what we do for you and strive to give you, the client the best experience in running your PPC google adwords account.  Additionally, due to our relationship with Google, we stay up on fast moving product announcements, changes to Adwords that can affect you including, but not limited to: Google Search network, Google Display network, Dynamic Search Ads (inventory approach from your website), YouTube Advertising, Google Re-Marketing Campaigns etc.

Tim has his equivalent of a master's degree education in Local Search Optimization, hyper local marketing.  Tim not only speaks "Google", but equally important, he speaks "Customer Language" and as such always strives to target market a client's marketing to all of their specific target market potential buyers.

Ultimately the discussion will come down to:

"Who are you trying to market to?"

"What products or services are you trying to sell them?"

"Why should they buy from you versus your competition?" (ie: "What sets you apart?")

"What factors both expressed and unexpressed are important to the prospective buyer?" (ie: "what do they want (really) whether they tell you or not")